Your privacy should not be a luxury.

Hide My Search is an engine like any other - but we don’t store any information about your activity anywhere on our servers and we won’t let anyone else find you.

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We don’t store cookies

Cookies are bits of code that serve as a tool that tracks you. We don’t use and store cookies anywhere and we prevent the sites from saving them to your computer, too.

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Relevant search results

We keep your searches private, but we won’t let you get irrelevant or outdated search results. We use Google’s fantastic results and pair it up with our engine for the best experience!

Why Change Your Search Engine?

Over 14,000 searches

That's how many searches an average person has per year. Protect all the data you're giving out through all of the time.

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You search the web...

Hide My Search will keep your searches private, your data safe and your browser looking fresh!

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